Profile & expertise

TRUMPF Photonic Components is a leading innovator with focus on VCSEL -based laser systems (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) and photodiodes. At the headquarter in Ulm, highly qualified employees develop and manufacture special lasers for international clients such as consumer electronics, industry and communication.

TRUMPF Photonics was founded in 2000 and has today a total of four locations with around 300 employees: while in Ulm the VCSEL diodes are developed and produced, downstream applications and assemblies such as sensors and industrial components are manufactured at the locations in Eindhoven and Aachen. In Shanghai, the fourth location is currently a distribution center for the Asia-Pacific market.

VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) is an innovative laser technology where TRUMPF Photonics drives and addresses high speed data transmission, 3D recognition, optical sensors and digital industrial thermal processes, while significantly reducing the size of sensors and energy consumption in data centers and thermal industrial processes. TRUMPF Photonics has succeeded in mass producing VCSELs, making the technology widely available for the first time.

Role in the Project

TRUMPF Photonics will develop the technologies for and provide VCSEL flip-chips with integrated optics. The next generation VCSEL chip development will include:

  • Flip-chip – integration with driver, short pulse
  • Integrated GaAs lenses (µ-lenses)
  • Develop technologies enabling these concepts
  • Chip design and samples
  • Characterization and Optimization: Optical function, Power output / voltage and Short pulse impedance

TRUMPF Photonics will be involved in:

  • Chip design and sample manufacturing
  • Wafer level integrated optics
  • Chip technology
  • Test concepts and set-ups
  • Short pulse behavior and models


Dr. Holger Mönch

Manager Technology & Strategy

+49 (0)1 60 88145 00

Aachen, Germany


Stephan Gronenborn was born in Bonn, Germany on March 25, 1982. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 2012 at the RWTH Aachen, Germany on the topic of “High Power VCSELs and VCSEL Modules with Improved Brightness”. Since 2012 he is working for Philips Photonics in the field of VCSEL Design and Optimization, Optical Modelling and recently System Architecture for 3D Sensing Modules. Project Role: Senior System Architect VCSEL Modules for 3D Sensing and Optical Design Integrated Optics.

Stephan Gronenborn

Holger Moench joined Philips Research in 1991 after his Ph.D. in High Energy Physics at RWTH Aachen. He has been working on various high brightness and highly efficient light sources and their application in optical systems. He is now CTO of Philips Photonics and his interests include the integration of semiconductors and optics, the design of advanced VCSEL structures and new applications for optoelectronic systems.

Holger Moench

Christian Wimmer graduated in chemical engineering. He joined TRUMPF Photonic Components in 2002. After several years as production engineer he became operations manager frontend in 2008 and operations manager frontend/backend in 2016. Besides comprehensive operational tasks he is an expert in manufacturing of optoelectronic devices such as vcsels and photodiodes. Contemporaneous he managed several programs to realize high volume production and is now responsible for technology projects for future applications.

Christian Wimmer