Profile & expertise

Applied Materials is a global leader in supplying manufacturing equipment, services and automation software to the semiconductor and display industry. Applied Materials activities in France and across seven countries in Europe include research, development, engineering and manufacturing in the semiconductor industry.

Role in the Project

Applied Materials will leverage 25 years of experience in the development of CVD dielectric films with a high variety of optical properties and design of high performance CVD deposition chambers to best serve VIZTA project. The targeted films will include silicon dioxide, silicon nitride or oxynitride and other dielectric films, to support development and manufacturing of interferometric filters for image sensors. These activities will lead to new processes and equipment optimizations, including a new in-situ metrology system that equip the CVD deposition chambers. Depending on the project success and potential transfer to manufacturing in France, additional employment could be generated to meet future demand for existing and future Applied Materials tools in France and across European semiconductors fabs.



Julien Fort

+33 (0)6 76 92 07 41

Bernin, France


Julien Fort holds a Masters in Physic from the University Joseph Fourier-Grenoble. He joined Applied materials France in 1996 and supported various sites as customer engineer (Etch and CVD) and process engineer (CVD). He participated numerous customer ramps in France and Italy (200&300mm).

Julien Fort

Sebastien Lagrange is graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse (1998), has been working for Semitool for 11 years at various positions (process, marketing, sales, management), and is working for Applied materials France since 2009. Within his period at Semitool and Applied materials, he has coordinated the participation in several EC funded projects (EMAC, COCOA).

David Larmagnac holds a Masters in Materials Physics from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées-Rennes. He joined Applied Materials France in 1992 and supported various sites as customer engineer and process engineer. He participated numerous customer ramps on gained expertise in several technologies from wafer inspection, deposition and thermal treatments. He leads the Process Engineering team in the ST Account from August 2018.