Profile & expertise

Integrated Systems Development S.A. (ISD) is an independent organization established in Greece in1998. ISD is active in the domain of Integrated Systems (IS) of guaranteed quality and performance.

ISD SA has been working in the domain of multi camera, pixel synchronous, video capture, processing and display for more than 15 years. Its Herodion architecture offers pixel-level hardware synchronized video capture from dozens of sensors, perform any kind of spatial processing using a sophisticated and extremely high-performance DMA engine and transfer the combined video to a single PC at zero CPU load without dropping any single frame. The system is ideal for applications requiring multi-view (with arbitrary baseline) and 3D video capture, due to the lack of artefacts caused by motion. Herodion system realizations supporting visual, IR and hyperspectral sensors at frame rates up to 60 fps are currently in use mainly for Automatic Optical Inspection and Homeland Security Applications.

Role in the Project

ISD is responsible for the design and development of a visual spectrum camera around the ST available sensors and of a camera around the S1 module developed in the context of the project, able to interface the Herodion platform.

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Ilias Brattos

Maroussi, Athens, Greece


Mr. Ilias Brattos holds an M.Sc. in Applied Economics and Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business, where he specialized in the economics of networks and technologic diffusion. He works directly with the technical manager to help define the project’s objectives and milestones; create and maintain a project’s budget and schedule, analyze progress reported against the work schedules; and recommend actions to improve progress. He also ensures financial information accuracy between program-level reporting and conducts cost variance analysis.

Ilias Brattos