Profile & expertise

Since founding in 1998 Ibeo develops laser scanner sensors for environmental perception in automotive applications. Innovative LIDAR sensor technologies makes Ibeo a globally leading LIDAR technology supplier. Ibeo develops software for environmental detection, referencing tools for Highly Automated Driving and Autonomous Driving (HAD/AD) systems as well as Highly Automated Driving and Mapping & Localization applications.

With the ScaLa SOP in 2016 Ibeo is the first company worldwide, who has developed a mass-market automotive LIDAR sensor. The ScaLa sensor was designed for the customer Audi.

In 2016, ZF Friedrichshafen AG acquired a 40 % share of Ibeo. Collaborating with ZF will strengthen Ibeo’s worldwide LIDAR technology leadership. ZF Fridrichshafen AG is the preferred partner for industrializing the next generation solid-state based LIDAR technology. The importance and significance of the next generation solid-state technology leads to continuous growth. The current headcount at Ibeo is 350.

Role in the Project

Ibeo leads the task of developing a medium range LIDAR Demonstrator in workpackage WP4 within VIZTA. Together with the technology partners CEA LETI, ST Microelectronics and III-V Lab an innovative true solid state LIDAR will be developed. Ibeo’s knowledge in Lidar technology and system design for automotive applications will be precious and useful within the collaborative project VIZTA.



Shima Bayesteh

Research and Development engineer

Hamburg, Germany


Shima Bayesteh is responsible for development and research of optical systems as well as system architecture for Lidar sensors. Her activities are conducted within the pre-development team so called, ‘Sensor Technology and Strategy’, at Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. Shima Bayesteh earned her PhD in Physics and during 4 years of work at Ibeo gained extensive knowledge and experience in optical design and simulations as well as in optical alignment of lidar system. She was also actively involved in the analysis of the proof of robustness of a Lidar product’s system. Currently she coordinates an EU research project, in addition to optical design for the same project. She also has major contribution to the system design and sensor integration.